Advice on buying and renting houses, apartments and real estate in Buenos Aires

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Advice on buying and renting houses, apartments and real estate in Buenos Aires

Advice on buying and renting houses, apartments and real estate in Buenos Aires

We recommended that you start searching for your new house / apartment as soon as possible. Doing so will enable you to do a better market analysis, give you more options, and therefor obtain more benefits from any given transaction. It is important that the decision of buying or renting a property is not rushed, and establish some points to follow beforehand is always a good idea to make the search process as easy as possible.
- Some things to keep in mind are: the area, type of property, its characteristics, surface area, and distribution, how much money you have available, and the readiness to pay a fair, reasonable price.

Define the characteristics of the real estate you are looking for, and make these the first thing to keep in mind. Finding the "perfect" real estate is unlikely, but not one that resembles it. Be patient. Try not to get "fixed" on the first real estate property you visit. Analyze the "pros and cons" of each real estate property you visit, trying to be without getting too enthusiastic about the matter.

What should be taken into account If the buying or renting is going to be done directly with the seller(no agent), make sure you complete the necessary legal procedures and you should find out if there is any debt on the real estate. Although the real estate should be of your liking, it isnīt good to get carried away by first impressions.

Lastly you should know that the operation being one of renting or buying, is done with a contract between the two parts involved. If you are buying, the transaction should be done through an Attorney.

In every case you should take close care of the following:

  • Condition of the common areas (in case itīs an apartment): garden, facade, front door, elevators, stairs.
  • Placing of the apartment on the building
  • Distribution of the apartments.
  • Inner and outer rooms.
  • Ventilation shafts and plumbing.
  • Quality of the materials used in the construction
  • Condition of the power outlets
  • Condition of the floors, walls and ceilings
  • Heating and water. Individual or common services
  • Water pressure.
  • Air Conditioning(if it has it).
  • Condition of closets.
  • Condition of the kitchen.
  • Thermal and acoustic isolation.
  • Orientation(North, South, West, etc.)
  • Amount of sun light received and if the flow of air is good or bad.
  • Main material for the construction: Wood, bricks, metal or concrete.
  • Structure: the quality of the structure as a whole will dictate the kind of problems that may arise. Ex.: Humidity

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