Advice to organize the moving tidily

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Advice to organize the moving tidily

Advice to organize the moving tidily

Most people underestimate the importance of being well prepared for a move, and lack of attention to simple rules can many times make the process nothing more than a headache. First of all, decide what things you are going to bring with you to your new property, and separate all the rest that you are getting rid of. Deciding this before the actual moving process begins will make everything much less complicated, as no one wishes to make hasty decisions about what they have to throw away, and what they want to keep.

Another important thing to remember before the move is hiring a moving company, preferably with as much anticipation as possible. When choosing a company you should not only consider the price and benefits, but also the general profile of the company. Also, make sure that the movers have experience in moving large objects, not only because so that they don't damage your things, but also so that the property that is being emptied does not to get damaged in the process. Find this out for yourself by talking to the moving company, but getting some references and advice from friends or neighbors is also a good idea. Coordinate a visit from the moving company a few days before the move so that they can estimate how large of a truck they are going to need for the job, and also look at some characteristics of your house or apartment that could complicate the move, like: stairs, corridors, the type of floors, etc. Try not to leave anything to chance, minimizing the risks of something going wrong, and keeping the costs as low as possible.

Take into consideration:

  • If the moving company charges by the hour, always expect delays, and make sure to ask if they start charging the moment the truck(s) leave the company or when they start loading your things.
  • Agree before-hand how and when you will be paying. In some cases they will offer you a discount, if you pay in advance. IN these cases, avoid paying the day of the move, but you should have an amount ready for payment when you verify that everything is in its place and intact in the new property.
  • You will find it more efficient if you ask for the baskets and boxes to put you belongings in a few days before the actual move. That way you will be able to pack them yourself, as you like best, label each basket, and keep your belongings organized, and later making the unpacking in the new property more organized.
  • Make an inventory of everything that is being moved to make sure that they arrive properly.
  • If you have certain belongings that you don't want the moving company to move for you, make sure to label them as such.
  • Every piece of furniture should be transported empty: remove drawers and shelves. Any loose parts belonging to the furniture should be packed separately.
  • Any machines should be disconnected, dry and empty with their accessories besides them.
  • Donīt connect any machines until the move is finished. Wait until the moving company has left your new house, and everything is more quite.
  • During the moving process, you should expect that a lot of trash might be generated during the process.
  • It is likely that the moving staff will need to use your bathrooms, so make sure to leave the basic elements such as soap, a towel and some toilet paper at their disposal.

If when the moving truck arrives you already have all your boxes and baskets packed and ordered the entire move will be a lot faster. Having an elevator saved for you, if you live in an apartment building will make things go smoother, and will also help to keep the hassle to a minimum, especially for the neighbors. If you are moving out of a closed neighborhood or "country", make sure that your neighbors and the people in charge of the area that there is a moving truck coming, and arrange a spot for the truck to park in. Make sure to get rid of anything that might be bothersome for the personnel you have hired. Also make sure to not only anticipate where the moving truck will be parked while loading, but also save a space for it to unload close to your new property, this is especially important if you are moving to a centric area.

Before the truck leaves your old property, go through every room, closets, and basements to make sure that all your belongings has been taken. Then, turn of the electricity and gas.

Make sure to have the phone numbers for the moving company, the movers, and the number of your new property so you can contact anyone you might need to speak to.

When unloading the truck, make sure that everything is done with the corresponding care and that the baskets and boxes are placed where the objects inside them should go; kitchen, living room, dining room, and bedrooms, etc.

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