Home Security Recommendations - Properties in the City of Buenos Aires

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Home Security Recommendations - Properties in the City of Buenos Aires

Home Security Recommendations - Properties in the City of Buenos Aires

In this section you will find some basics suggestions to keep in mind that will help you to feel safe and calm in your home.
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Make Sure that the Doors of Your Home are Safe and Solid
Your doors are very important, and this is why we recommend that you make sure that they are secure, and, if possible, do not have easily broken glass that might make the access to the inside of your living space easier. If there are children in the house, consider the possibility of installing an alarm that will let you know of the house door is open, and might be very useful for you. There are also locks that have automatic locks and might help you make your home more secure.

Make Use of Your Speakerphone Doorbell
This is a option that will help you find out who is at the door before you actually open it, and if you live in an apartment building, it will also save you the trouble of going downstairs to find out who is calling on you. Opening the door this way, though, is not recommended. You should always take the time to make sure that the person is who he or she says she is before letting them into your house.

Good Outdoor Lighting
A place that is badly lighted sends out the sensation of low security and could also make possibility of unwanted situations occurring more likely. Illuminate your property, and to make the cost lower, using less electricity, movement sensitive light are available that are activated when there is movement in the strategical palaces where you have put your lights.

Keep Your Garden in the Best Possible Conditions
With your trees and bushes well trimmed, they will not interfere with the view from your home that will help you to avoid loosing details and control of the situation around your home, and will keep your visual field open so that you can see what is happening around your house.

When Traveling or on Vacation
If the house is left empty, it is recommendable to make this less noticeable by; turning down the volume on the phone so it does not ring as high, buying a timer to put on one of the house lights, in the kitchen for example, so it appears as though someone is still at home and making dinner, having a neighbor pick up your newspaper if there is one being delivered to your house so that there are not adding up on your lawn. It is also advisable to not comment on your trip to persons that you do not trust, as these might not be trustworthy.

Have the Key to Your Home Ready
Have the key to your house or apartment in your hand before getting to your door, it is not convenient to look for these in your bag or pocket standing on your doorstep. Also make sure there are not suspicious cars or persons in the close perimeter of your entrance.

Consider Home Insurance
To avoid complicated situations where you don't want to part with an object of high value, it is recommendable having a home insurance that will cover all such losses. These insurances will, in the case that you have lost object, or that someone has taken it from you, give you back the lost sum.

Dog Owners
Lastly, if you own a dog, and you find that it is unable to stay still and barking, pay attention. This could be a good indication that something unusual is happening in or around your home. If you really believe that something is going on, avoid confrontation and call the police. If you have any type of alarm service, let them know too, making sure that the situation will be handled by persons with experience in this field.

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