Buenos Aires - Rental Authorization Contract

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I give authorization to the firm "....." represented by the Public Auctioneer and Public Real Estate Broker .....to proceed with the rental of the property consisting of an apartment to be used exclusively as a home. Said apartment is on floor ....., Number ....., of the apartment building located in..... . This authorization is subject of the following terms and conditions :

  • a) The cost of the rent is set to the amount of $..... per month, to be paid in advance from the 1st to the 5th of each month.
  • b) The rent includes the telephone line .....
  • c)The warranty deposits is set to the amount of $.....
  • d) The tenant will take the responsibility of paying common expenses, the Real Estate Tax and the Municipal Tax, as well as the bills for electricity, gas and telephone line.
  • e) The tenant will have to bring a guarantor that will sign this real estate contract agreeing with all the terms and conditions listed in it. Said guarantor must have ownership of one or more properties on the city or outskirts of Buenos Aires, their value must be equal or higher to the amount he/she is acting as a guarantor for. It is also established that the guarantor must be approved by the landlord.
  • f) If the tenant and/or guarantor were not of the liking of the landlord and/or the authorizer, the landlord is not obliged to sign the Rental Contract.

The present real estate contract grants complete and exclusive authorization for the term between ..... and ....., starting on the current date: day ....., of the month .....,of the year ..... . On the city of Buenos Aires and area of ..... .

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