Buenos Aires - Rental Contract Termination with Clause for Deposit Retention

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Rental Contract Termination.

On the city of Buenos Aires, in the area of ....., on the day ..... of the month ..... of the year ....., Mr. ..... from now on known as the LANDLORD and Mr. ..... with Identity Card Number: ....., domiciled in the street ....., on the area of ....., on the Province of Buenos Aires, from now on known as the TENANT, agree to leave stipulated the following conditions in reference to the Rental Contract signed on the day ..... of the month .....of the year ....., that made reference to the property located in the street, on the area of ....., in the Province of Buenos Aires.

FIRST: Because of the expiring of the term agreed to, both parties cancel the Rental Contract that this document refers to. No longer having effect the relation that was established between the two parties when said real estate contract was signed.

SECOND: In relation to the deposit, mentioned on the clause "....." of the Rental Contract being used as reference, it is hereby stated that it will be kept by the LANDLORD, till it is verified that all the taxes and services that where responsibility of the TENANT, are paid.

THIRD: It is hereby stated that all of the rent has been paid.

In witness whereof, the parties have entered into the present agreement in three originals.

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