Buenos Aires - Reserve and/or Offer of Purchase for Real Estate Property

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....., represented by the Public Auctioneer and Public Real Estate Broker, ..... Professional Registry: ....., receives from Mr. ..... who proves his Identity Card Number: ..... with residence at the street .....,Number: ....., in the area of ....., on the Province of Buenos Aires, the amount of U$S ..... (US Dollar Bills) to apply for the purchase of the property consisting of: ....., located on the street ....., Number: ....., in the area of ....., Province of Buenos Aires . This turns him into the FUTURE BUYER committing to acquire the property in question under the following term and conditions:
TOTAL PRICE OF U$S..... (US Dollar Bills).

To be paid in the following way:

The moment the Sales Contract is signed, the buyer pays U$S ..... (US Dollar Bills).

The moment the deed to the property changes hands, physically, the buyer pays U$S ..... (US Dollar Bills).

FIRST: The Sales Contract shall be signed on the day.... of the month..... from the year ..... at.....Hs., On the offices located on the street ....., in the area of ....., Province of ..... with the intervention of the Public Auctioneer and Public Real Estate Broker ....., who will be charging the fee of....., percent to THE SELLING PART and..... percent to THE BUYING PART. Both parties, FUTURE BUYER and SELLER, are notified of the place and date the Sales Contract is to be signed in this moment. They must attend to said place, unless they are told otherwise.

SECOND: The deed to the property will be signed in the period between the days..... and..... counting from the day the Sales real estate contract was signed in presence and by the Lawyer designated by THE BUYING PART. In this same moment the ownership of the property will be granted to THE BUYING PART, being this one free of debts and occupants of any kind.

THIRD: The present Reserve and/or Offer of Purchase for a Real Estate property is taken as "AD-REFERENDUM"(will only work) of the approval of THE SELLING PART. In this way, it will only take its legal value once THE SELLING PART has completely agreed with all its terms and conditions. Once THE SELLING PART has signed this document it will mean that he/she is satisfied with the terms and conditions. The signing will also give the agreement the attribute of compulsory fulfillment, for both parties.

FOURTH: The property must be handed with a working phone line and with the service paid until the day the ownership is granted to THE BUYER. All paperwork regarding the transferring of ownership is to be taken care of by THE BUYING PART.

FIFTH: The maximum term for THE SELLING PART to agree with this Offer is the day.... of the month..... of the year..... . In the case that date is not complied with, the FUTURE BUYER will receive a full refund of the original investment done for this Reserve and/or Offer of Purchase.

SIXTH: In the case THE SELLING PART agrees with all the terms and conditions by signing this document, the Public Real Estate Broker taking part will be authorized to give the amount of U$S (received for THE BUYING PART), to THE SELLING PART.

SEVENTH: The Sales Contract will be signed having on sight the respective certificates, indicating the situation of the property and its owner. The number and date of issue of those certificates are to be specified in the Sales Contract.

In witness whereof, the parties have entered into the present agreement in three originals, on the city of Buenos Aires, area of ....., Province of Buenos Aires, on the date ..... .

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