Variety of Pizza - Eating in Buenos Aires

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Variety of Pizza - Eating in Buenos Aires

Variety of Pizza - Eating in Buenos Aires

In Argentina there are three kinds of pizza:

  • Baked on a Stone: Thin and crunchy.
  • Pan Pizza: Very think, of up to 2cm tall, not very popular now a days
  • Pre-baked: The one sold in supermarkets to be done at home, with any ingredient of your liking.

Among the typical Argentine pizza recipes is the "Fugazzeta," a cheese pizza with onion slices and without tomato sauce.

Recently, the city of Rosario has seen a new variety of pizza developing: Pizza done on the grill. and that instead of being round, is oblong. These pizzas are baked on the same grills as the famous "asado," so it ends up having a very particular taste.

The are many pizza varieties in Argentina, and you can buy Pizza by metre, pizza "canchera," pizza "al tacho," and pizza with "palmitos," etc., in many places in the City of Buenos Aires.

It´s common in Argentina to have a slice of "fainá" (a dough made with chick-pea flour) with your other slices of pizza. A very tradicional combo is the "Moscato, Pizza, y Fainá," a slice of pizza and a slice of "fainá" accompanied with the sweet Moscato wine.

Argentinas favorite toppings are: cheese, tomato, ham, olives, sweet red pepper, and in some cases anchovies. The most common of all the varieties is done in a dough covered with tomato sauce, on top of it muzzarella cheese and some green olives and all of it sprinkled with a mix of oregano, paprika, black pepper and some other spices.

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