Buenos Aires Harbor - Tourist Attractions - Tigre

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Buenos Aires Harbor - Tourist Attractions - Tigre

Buenos Aires Harbor - Tourist Attractions - Tigre

The City of Tigre is a harbor in the Northwest part of the Southern coast of the "Rio de la Plata" (Silver River). It is located on the Parana River Delta, and is made up of hundreds of Islands forming a complex labyrinth, and giving it the nickname "Venecia de Argentina" (Venice of Argentina). Through the delta one can take a touristic trip on the many boats that constantly stop in the Tigre Harbor, and then travel different sections of the more than 2000 km of channel that makes up the delta. These boats also serve as the way of transport for many the people that have houses in the delta, and on school days there are even certain boats that go around picking up school children.

The grouping of all the islands in the area are locally known as just "El Delta" (The Delta). Many of the islands have family homes, or weekend houses built on them, forming a rather disperse community and to some point very private, only accessible by water. Some of the larger islands, like the Martin Garcia Island, have a town with small airports, museums, camping spots, and other tourist attractions. There are also many natural reserves in the Tigre Delta.

In Tigre is the boat "station," from where boats sail to all the places in the Delta. In the harbor area is the "Estación Fluvial de Tigre" (Tigre´s River Port), where the "lanchas omnibus" (Bus Boats) take off from taking people to their weekend houses in the islands, or on a two hour ride around the delta looking at the beautiful scenery. These boats, like the name implies, are the public transport to get around the Delta.

Asides from serving as a port between the city of Buenos Aires and the Delta, Tigre is one of the preferred places by locals to go on weekends, and it is also one of the most touristic areas in all of Argentina.

In Tigre is the famous "Puerto de Frutos" (Fruits Port), where there are no fruit to be found, even though that is what the name might make you think. It is a area of a few blocks close to the harbor of Tigre, where hundreds of people come each weekend looking for native decoration articles, for the house, garden or personal use, and wood furniture or, what it is most famous for, the "mimbre" (wicker fiber) furniture and baskets.

Some other famous attractions in Tigre is the Naval Museum, the Casino, and its theme park Parque de la Costa, making the area accessible and entertaining the whole year round.

Tigre has a population of some 300 thousand people. At around 30 Km from the center of Buenos Aires, the trip can be done in car, bus, or train. It doesn´t matter what transport you take, the trip is quite colorful and is a good experience in itself. Before reaching Tigre, you will pass through the area known as San Isidro, another place worthy of a visit with it´s large gardens, colonial buildings, beautiful cathedral, and cozy environment.

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