Google presents AdSense in the Módena Design

On September 26, 2007, Google presented in the Modena Design its Google AdSense service, a free and simple source that allows for the maximization of your on-line advertising income without loosing quality.
In the middle of digital screens and young speakers, the even brought together more than a hundred sites that, like attended to learn about the potential of this new tool.

David Hyman, sales manager of AdSense On-Line in Latin America, was in charge of the exposition, taking care to explain to the audience how to take advantage of, and make profit through AdSense.
According to the executive "we are in the key moment to take advantage of the opportunities when there are more than a billion users on the web" and "the increasing popularity of the Internet has altered substantially the traditional relation between sales persons and consumers." In this sense, he pointed out that when faced with such a large amount of options like "the blogs, portals, forums, social networks, or games" new challenges are presented to the announcer, that "need to create different messages for each media and search actively for the consumers." This way, the AdSense sales manager showed on a graph how users of different ages handles the media on their spare time. The teen-age group and persons under the age of 35 are the ones that spend most of their time on the Internet, a fact that explains the significant displacement of advertising investments on the web.
In this scene " Google's technology gives the answer to each advertiser and allows publicity to be made in hundreds of countries," making it possible that "a manufacturer in China exports products to Latin America with as little as a few clicks on advertisements."

In few words, AdSense is a network of advertisement, where the famous search engine offers technology that makes profitable announcements reach the digital publishers, respecting the quality and identity of each space.
Any site can make a free profit with AdSense, all one needs to do is go to Google AdSense and choose between the different formats, amount, and advertising ways. It is necessary to subscribe to the Gmail service, insert a code and start generating banners that fit each personal taste.
One can select advertisements in "text, image, or video format," and then all that is left to do is wait and receive the payment through Google from the advertisers, depending on the amount of clicks.
Google AdSense with automatically publish text or image advertisements oriented in the precise way with ones site and its content, so fitting that the users will find them useful. It will also incorporate an instrument to search for ones site, that will publish advertisements oriented to the pages of results of each search, increasing the potential navigation of ones site and clicks on the advertisements.

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