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operates using a credit system.

This lets you: When you register for the first time you receive some free credit with which you can receive enquiries. Each enquiry you receive costs some credit. Once you have run out of credit you must buy some more to receive further enquiries and contacts.

Initially you start with 15 credits if you are a property owner (roughly 5 enquiries) or 30 credits if you are a realty estate business (roughly 10 enquiries) each enquiry costs between 0 and 5 credits depending upon the type and characteristics of contact you receive. (More Information Here)

A person can register only once to take advantage of the free credit. If we detect a duplicate registration we reserve the right to cancel any or all of your accounts, please read carefully our site usage policy.

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has a system for importing adverts various real estate management systems in order to make the process of listing adverts on our site easier and more consistent.

We can incorporate adverts from the following systems:

If you use a system that is not listed here please let us know and we can look into supporting it.

(*) If you do not use a supported system and have your own site and wish to publish your adverts directly, we may be able to help you publish your adverts automatically, providing you have a technical support contact that can accommate us.

Use to publish your adverts to your own web site!

If you have a web site but do not have a good method for publishing properties on your site can offer you a simple mechanism for you to publish adverts on our site and then for those adverts to appear on your own site .
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