Buenos Aires Temporary Rents - Article by Pía Freaza

..."I am looking for an apartment for my family urgently. Two adults, one child, and a baby. I want the apartment as close to plaza Serrano and Palermo as all possible - please, help!"

..."We are looking for an apartment with 2 or 3 main rooms in the Flores Area. We want to rent, I'm leaving my telephone number. Yours Truly.”

..."We are from Ecuador and we are looking for a 2 bedroom apartment for rent in Recoleta. We are very people with very good habits.”

..."Mexican staying for one year in Argentina. I am asking for information about documents and requirements to rent.”

An endless amount of requests like these reach the property publishing site enbuenosaires.com. Together with them you can find 115 pages with 1.143 listings of temporary rentals on the site satisfying the demand, something that would have been impossible to imagine after the collapse and the crisis that took place in 2001.

Thousands of foreigners choose Buenos Aires to travel Argentina, learn how to speak Spanish, attend important business reunions, or complete their post degree studies.

Yes, North Americans, Mexicans, Colombians, and Ecuadorians. Brazilians and Chilean. Germans, English, Swedes, and Norwegians, all seem to find an excellent exchange rate, good level of academical formation, and the cosmopolitan attraction that the large cities of the world offer.

According to Glenda Di Lullo, member of Super Nova Argentina's staff, the height of activity started with “the fall of the convertibility” where Argentina “positioned itself as one of the best touristic spots in Latin America.” But other than the prices, they visit us aiming to see “the vast variety of landscapes, the level of academical offers, and the popular Buenos Aires night life.”

Guadalupe Diaz, representative for Alternativa Temporary Rent, also believes that the growth of the economical and social situation of the country, but points out that there is another fundamental element to consider: “the elevated prices of hotel rooms, making tourists prefer same standard apartments at a much lower cost, with all the comforts, security, and privacy.”

The fact is that, beyond logical explanations, the business is growing at an unusual speed that any citizen can feel the year round when taking a stroll, studying or working with the new visitors.

The people coming to Buenos Aires in search of temporary rentals are varied, but the majority are students of business men coming to the city to continue their studies or to work. Then there are those that simply come to delight themselves in Buenos Aires's cheep touristic tours.

In Alternativa Temporary Rent's case, the clients come “from Central America, Latin America, and Europe,” while the people at Supernova Argentina observes the dominant factors are “young students coming from all over the world, and changing depending on the season.”

The residents look to stay in places that are safe and touristic, like Palermo, Recoleta, Barrio Norte, Microcentro, Plaza San Martin, and San Telmo. This last neighborhood, San Telmo, has experienced a unregistered growth due to the massive arrival of foreign investors and renters seduced by the areas architecture and its history, so strongly associated with the birth of the Tango.

The type of property searched for greatly depends on the client. Non the less, 1 or 2 room apartments and PH:s (Town Houses) are the ones in greatest demand. Among students it is also very common to “rent between three of four people a property of four or five rooms.”

The property offers are wide and constantly increasing partly due to the great gain that can be made today by offering this service instead of the regular 24 month rental contracts. The options go from practical apartments with one or two main rooms around 450 to 700 US dollar/month, to exclusive properties that are rented for more than 2500 US dollars/month.

The people specialized in the short term rental real estate market strongly recommend the use of the Internet to its maximum potential. “It makes everything much easier, both for the person that is searching, as well as showing properties with pictures to foreigner or busy owners,” the people at Supernova believe. The same is true for the Alternativa team, who explain that “it is essential, already a big part of the business is managed though the Internet, and most of the temporary rentals are handled from other countries.” But above all they recommend not to hold back when offering resources in your furnished apartment, such as quality, safety, cleaning services, good electrodomestics, cable television, and of course a wireless Wi Fi Internet connection, or at least a high speed broad band.

Tips on how to offer a good Service...

  • “Keeping up with the Client.”
  • “Don't show him too wide a range of offers, only the ones that match the asked for requirements.”
  • “Offer good attention, and balance between price and quality.”
  • “Do checkups during the stay.”
  • “Mangage yourself with honesty and sincerity.”

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