Syndication Help - Integrate your Adverts into enbuenosaires

First things first

The enbuenosaires property import mechanism works by importing property adverts from a xml file provided by the Real Estate Agent, Real Estate Management Software (REMS) or Aggregator, These are know as "The Provider".

The xml file is uploaded each day by enbuenosaires from a server controlled by the provider and the information about the adverts is used to add new adverts, update existing adverts or remove adverts that are no longer present in the xml file.

The xml file must conform to a specific format defined by enbuenosaires (more on this later) and must be placed on a server controlled by The Provider updated at least every 24 hours.

Each advert must contain certain information including a unique Id (which identifies it in the providers system) and in the case that The Provider is a REMS or Aggregator a unique client ID (which identifies it in the providers system).

In the case The Provider is a REMS or Aggregator please contact us stating your interest and we will pass you with a provider identifier to put in each advert.

Format and specification of the xml feed file

The format of the xml file is defined using an XSD file (xml schema definition) and can be found here:
enbuenosaires xml feed schema definition

Once you have produced a draft xml file check it directly against the xsd you can use this site for that: XML XSD Validator


An example of a feed file:

               <feed version="1.0" feed-type="complete" syndication-partner="previsite">
                       <syndication-partner id="previsite">
                           <publisher-name>Client 1234 Propiedades</publisher-name>
                           <publisher-telephone>(011) 1234 1234</publisher-telephone>
                           <contact-info>(011) 1234 1234 // 15 4321 4321</contact-info>

                       <title>TORRE \"MIRABILIA\" 2 AMB CON COCHERA - 101018</title>
                           IDEAL INVERSION INMOBILIARIA Aviso publicado por Sumaprop | Gestión Inmobiliaria Simple.</description>
                       <price period="straight" currency="USD">280000.0</price>
                       <expenses period="month" currency="ARS">850.0</expenses>
                       <surface-area unit="square-meter">55</surface-area>
                           <street>Av. JUAN B. JUSTO al 1100</street>
                           <city>Capital Federal</city>
                           <region>Buenos Aires</region>
                           <feature>play room</feature>
                   <!-- more ad elements-->

Format and specification of the xml feed file

More information on the different parts of the xml

tag name // [attribute name]typerequireddescription
feed:ad:ad-idalphanumerictruean alphanumeric value uniquely identifying this advert in the system of the provider
feed:ad:urlurlfalseany valid url that points to the advert on the clients server e.g.: ""
feed:ad:syndication-partner[id]alphanumerictrueenbuenosaires assigned value identifying the provider (syndication partner) e.g. "previsite", "xintel", "inmokey" etc
feed:ad:syndication-partner:publisher-idalphanumerictrueid that identifies the client on the providers system e.g. "inmo-1234"
feed:ad:titlealphanumericfalseTitle of the advert
feed:ad:descriptionalphanumerictrueDescription of the property that is advertised
feed:ad:operation-typealphanumeric / enumtrueanyone of the following values:
"sale", "rental-standard", "rental-commercial", "rental-short-term", "rental-student"
feed:ad:property-typealphanumeric / enumtrueany of the following values:
"agricultural" "apartment" "chalet" "commercial" "detached-house" "development" "duplex" "flat" "garage" "going-concern" "house" "gated-community" "industrial-plant" "loft" "office" "other" "plot" "storage" "town-house"
feed:ad:price[period]alphanumeric / enumtruereflects whether the price is a one of sale ("straight") or periodic for rentals("month", "day", "week" etc) any of the following values:
"straight", "month", "day", "week", "quarter"
feed:ad:price[currency]alphanumeric / enumtruedetails the currency of the price: "USD", "ARS", "UYU"
feed:ad:pricenumerictruea numeric amount without any delimiters for thousands: "125000", "4000"
feed:ad:expensesnumericfalsethe expenses on a periodic basis for a rental property if there are any, see price
feed:ad:published-datedatetruedate detailing the very first moment that the advert was published in the format: yyyy-MM-DD'T'HH:MM:SS:e.g.: "2016-01-23T04:00:03"
feed:ad:updated-datedatetruedate detailing the last moment this advert was updated: yyyy-MM-DD'T'HH:MM:SS:e.g.: "2016-03-19T04:00:03"
feed:ad:surface-area[unit]alphanumeric / enumtrueany of the supported the surface area units:
"square-meter", "square-foot", "hectare", "acre"
feed:ad:surface-areanumerictruethe surface area (counted in number of the given units see above) e.g.: "85"
feed:ad:quantity-of-main-roomsalphanumeric / enumtruethe number of main rooms (ambientes) any of the following:
"zero", "one", "two", "three", "four", "five", "six", "seven", "eight", "nine", "ten", "more"
feed:ad:quantity-of-bedroomsalphanumeric / enumtruethe number of bedrooms any of the following:
"zero", "one", "two", "three", "four", "five", "six", "seven", "eight", "nine", "ten", "more"
feed:ad:address:streetalphanumerictruethe street and number of the property e.g. "San Martin"
feed:ad:address:buildingalphanumericfalsethe name or number of the building / property e.g. "900", "The Old Cottonworks"
feed:ad:address:intersectingStreetalphanumericfalsethe name intersecting street (if there is one) e.g.: "Marcelo T de Alvear"
feed:ad:address:areaalphanumerictruethe neighbourhood / district / zone of the property e.g. "Palermo", "Quilmes", "Saavedra", "Coghlan" etc
feed:ad:address:cityalphanumerictrueany of the following:
"Capital Federal", "Zona Norte", "Zona Sur", "Zona Oeste", "Mar Del Plata", "Costa Atlantica", "Interior Pcia. Bs. As."
feed:ad:address:regionalphanumerictrueCurrently must be "Buenos Aires"
feed:ad:address:countryalphanumerictrueTwo letter upper cased country code (List of all Country Codes), Currently the only supported country is Argentina i.e. "AR"
feed:ad:roomsparentfalsecan contain one or more room tags
feed:ad:rooms:roomalphanumeric / enumfalsea type of room that the property has any of the following values
"balcony", "balcony-extra", "bathroom", "bathroom-extra", "dining-room", "hall", "kitchen", "kitchen-extra", "kitchenette", "living-room", "living-room-extra", "none", "office-space", "other", "store-room", "study", "toilet-extra", "utility-room"
feed:ad:featuresparentfalsecan contain one or more feature tags
feed:ad:features:featurealphanumeric / enumfalsea feature of the property can be any of the following values:
"access-by-stairs", "access-by-truck", "aircon", "back-of-building", "balcony", "block-units", "bulk-storage", "changing-rooms", "washing-room", "concierge", "demolition-rights", "drains-sewers", "electricity", "fire-network", "front-of-building", "garden", "gas", "golf-course", "gym", "heating", "in-country-residence", "in-gated-community", "internet", "integrated-kitchen", "kitchen-day-room", "living-quarters", "needs-recycling", "no-building-expenses", "office", "on-main-road", "on-street-corner", "on-street", "on-the-coast", "out-house", "parking", "patio", "planning-permission", "play-room", "professional-use", "sauna", "security", "service-entrance", "service-quarters", "storage-space", "suite", "swimming-pool", "telephone-exchange", "tennis-court", "terrace", "view-of-water", "water-access", "weighing-scales", "without-columns",
feed:ad:latitudedecimalfalsedecimal value representing the latitude of the property, e.g. "-34.5823688"
feed:ad:longitudedecimalfalsedecimal value representing the longitude of the property, e.g. "-58.430676800000015"
feed:ad:year-builtintegerfalsethe four digit year the property was build e.g. "1998"
feed:ad:imagesparentfalsecontains one or more url elements
feed:ad:images:urlurlfalseany valid url that points to an image of type: "png", "jpg", "gif" e.g. ""
feed:ad:videourlfalseany valid url that points to a url of a video showing the property e.g. (
feed:ad:zonificationalphanumeric / enumfalse any valid zonification code for the property value can be:
"R1A", "R1BI", "R1BII", "R2A", "R2B", "R2BIII", "C1", "C2", "C3", "E1", "E2", "E3", "I", "P", "U", "AE", "APH", "RU", "UF", "ADP"

Include New Build Property Developments

If you wish to include New Build Property Developments so that they appear here: Propert Developments Section You can do so using the these instructions

Any questions simply send us a message: Question About Syndication Integration

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