Frequently Asked Questions - Prepaid Credit Plans

Is there an limit to the number of adverts that I can publish?

No none, you may publish as many adverts as you wish.
It is important to note however the more adverts you publish the more credits you are likely to spend.
You should also take care to keep your adverts up to date (in changes of price etc) and remove any adverts related to unavailable property.

What happens when I run out of credit?

When you run out of credit your properties are no longer searchable in the list of properties and people will not be able to see your contact details. If you represent a real estate agent with a profile in our directly of Real Estate Agents, your profile will no longer show contact details for your agency.

Does the credit expire?

No, credit lasts indefinitely, we're not like a mobile phone company!

How much does it cost?

The costs for prepaid credit can be found on this page:
Prepaid Credit Costs.

What are the different types of Contacts that cost credit?

The different types of contacts are:

  • Advert enquiry - where an user enters their details requesting more information about an advert
  • Publisher Details Request - where a user clicks a button in an advert (or new development advert) asking to see the advert publisher's contact details
  • Real Estate Agents Details Request - where a user clicks a button in the real estate agents page asking to see the agents contact details
All the above cost credit according to the characteristics of the advert and contact.
There is no credit cost for a user simply viewing an advert.

Do page views (when a user reads my advert) cost credits?

No, they do not. Credits are only charged for concrete contacts related to an advert or agent.

If the same person contacts me for the same of different adverts does it cost me credit?

If the same person contacts a publisher there contact is only charged once according to the first contact they made.

My initial free credit is all used up, what do I do?

You have two options, you can:

  • Buy some credit and receive more contacts.
  • Not buy credit and stop receiving contacts.

There is no obligation to buy credits after you've used up your initial free credit.

Can I limit the amount of credit that I spend on a single advert?

Currently you cannot limit the credit you use on any particular advert, you do however receive a summary of the amount of credit you have remaining whenever you receive an enquiry. This summary allows you to decide whether to deactivate the advert (you may reactivate it at any time) and thereby stop receiving enquiries and contacts for it.

I've just bought some more credit but I still can't use my account, what's up?

Depending on the method by which you paid, there can be a delay of between one hour (in the case of some credit cards) and 72 hours (in the case of a barcode cupon over a bank holiday weekend)
Because of this we advise to buy credit before you run out.

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