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Advice for Buying, Selling, Renting, and Letting in Buenos Aires | Investment Property | Contracts | Curiousities | Affiliates is a new web site intended for the advertisment of real estate properties located in the area of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The site is inteded to be used by people living in Buenos Aires, but, having an english section, is also accessable to other markets, such as the US and Europe, making the first real estate portal with international reach. Both the site and all it's support is completely bilingual; English - Spanish.


Support offers instant personalized support without answering machines. If you have an enquiry about how to publish a listing for your real estate property on our site, or any other commercial or technical enquiries, we would be happy to answer them in Spanish or English by any of the following means:

Phone:(+54)(011) 6091 7761
E-mail: we guarantee to answer any e-mail within a 2 hour period on workdays form 10 - 19

Security and Privacy for your information

Security and Privacy for your information assures that any personal information provided by property owners and real estate agencies will be kept under strict security. is not affiliated in any way with any other Business Company, Bank, or Newspaper, etc. to which it could supply information about potential consumers.
Information will only be provided to potential client and the real estate agencies or owners advertising a given real estate property in the City of Buenos Aires or Greater Buenos Aires.

The protection of personal information goes according to the Law Nș 25326, approved in October 2000.

More Information - Time Saved

More Information - Time Saved

The amount and accurracy of any information you provide when publishing a real estate property will help you receive enquiries from more interested clients, and this in turn will save you time and effort in phone call and visit to your real estate property. does not limit the amount of information you can provide, being in the lenght of the description or number of pictures you want to put in your property listing. We encourage anyone advertising their real estate property to not limit themselves in the amount of information they are providing, making the listing more interesting for potential clients, and giving the publisher the advantage of not getting contacted by persons who are not interested i ntheir property.



Advertising real estate properties on, grants you access to qualified users and potential clients that know what they want and can easily get in contact with you if they are interested in your property. Any enquiry made on your property will reach you directly in your e-mail inbox, which will save you dozens of phone calls that end in nothing but wasted time. With our system you can focus on the enquiries that you are really interested in and can answer questions about your real estate property when you have time, or even have someone else do it for you since it is through e-mail.

Advantages of 
            advertising real estate property with

Advantages of advertising real estate property with is very easy to use and also offers a fast and easy way to advertise real estate properties the Buenos Aires area. We grant fast acces to the information you are looking for, without middle steps, both for people looking to buy real estate properties and people that want to sell a real estate property.

Advertise real estate properties without obligations

Advertise real estate properties without obligations is free, and without contracts or monthly fees you can choose to stop using our services at anytime. All you need to do is take your real estate properties out of our system.