Service Cancellations and Refund Policy

If you are not happy with the service that we provide you may cancel your subscription at any time.

Once you have notified us of your cancellation of the service:
  • If you are using the service with a "Prepaid Monthly Subscription Plan", you are entitled to receive a refund for the proportion of the month that you have not used.
  • If you are on a "Prepaid Credit Plan ", you are entitled to receive a refund for the credits that you have not consumed This can be done through the Debit or Credit Card that you use to pay the monthly subscription.
  • If you are on a "Prepaid Credit Plan" and you feel that some of your credit has been used up by mistake, through a erroneous click or enquiry, through a false or insincere click or enquiry, please contact us and we will assess your claim and may, at our discretion refund you the credit that has been used up.
Refunds can be actioned through the original means of payment or through bank transfer in the case that the or barcode payment cupons.

If you have any further questions or would like to claim a refund, please contact us using the following form:
Refunds and Cancellations
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