House Temporary Rental - Luis Vernet at 2800, Punta Mogotes - ARS 1,400 / Day - 2 main rooms

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Key Information

ARS 1,400 / Day (ARS 1,400 / m²)
Property Type
Main Rooms
2 main rooms
Punta Mogotes
Surface Area
1 m2
Luis Vernet 2813 (Guiraldes), Punta Mogotes, Mar Del Plata, Buenos Aires, 7600. View on Map  

Other Information

Property ID
# 569921
Date Available
Nov 21, 2016
Last Advert Update
Jun 14, 2020
Property Age
10 years
Transport Links
523 522 521
Rental Requirements


- alkyl season the house is located in hummocks tip, seven blocks from the main entrance to the forest peralta ramos Duck thirteen point mogotes.tiene two bedrooms, kitchen with refrigerator, living room with cable TV, as in the habitacion.entrada covered for car, rear garden with automatico.alarma barbeque.wiffi.lavarropas. in the area there are several nearby shops apróxamadamente pantry, warehouse, etc verduleria and also the Centrito hummocks, where there regalerias, bar, restaurant, pizzerias, Sacoa. some thirteen blocks this avenue Martinez de Hoz, you prune out there get without inconvenience to any go to the south, besides the beaches are the cliffs, chapadmalal, miramar..y if you go north this center, camet , lagoon, saws parents .. the approximate value is 1400 pesos per day.For book ordered at least 30 percent of the fully, it is deposited in an account and canceled upon arrival or as far as possible in the same account. A deposit is refunded 1500 when returning home is charged. for more information my cel is movistar.

Residential Specific Information

Parking Spaces
Toilets / Bathrooms



    Living Room




    Dining Room

Amenities and Features






    Service Entrance






    Integrated Kitchen




    Front of Building


    Parking Avail.

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Publisher (Owner)

Vacaciones En Mar Del Plata, Owner

Member since: Nov 21, 2016
Owner in Punta Mogotes

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