Sale Of Hotels / Hostels In Otra Zona In Buenos Aires

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  • Hotel / Hostel Bartolomé Mitre Otra Afuera de Bs.As.
  • Bartolomé Mitre 3116 in Otra Afuera de Bs.As., Otra Zona
  • ARS 19,000,000 - Hotel / Hostel - Sale - More Main Rooms

    On Main Road, Gas, On Street Corner, Service Entrance, Electricity, Living Quarters, Access by Truck, On Street, Telephone Exchange, Air Conditioning, Heating, Drains / Sewers, Fire Network

    Hotel & Restaurant Located One Block From Main Square, Whatever With 42 Air And Central Heating, Elevator, Wit Fi, Garage, House And Family Of Two Independent Floors With Its Own Garage. Classic Hotel [# 484799]

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