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I've advertised my property in 8 free listings sites, an although I still haven't sold my property, and I'm in no hurry either, I've very happy to have tried it was on of the 2 (two) that gave me good results, there was a third that I go a few enquiries from but the others I got absolutely nothing.

Thank you for offering this service.

Laura D.
I Prefer, Without a Doubt

The web site is a different web site. I've been working in real estate for 15 years and I've tried all the current ways of online property publication, marketing and commercialization, and of all the sites is my favorite. The quality of their work, their serious attitude, responsibility, commitment, and the concern they show for each individual sale or rental publication on their site. Many people use the site and save their searches (this is the only web page that offers such a service) They truly want to perfect the quality of the page and thus, the buying experience of the visitors.

Marcela Mouradian - Owner of Kops Negocios Inmobiliarios
They Offer an Excellent Level of Professionalism

The web site has been designed with an excellent level of professionalism, not only is it a great real estate web site for publishers, it is also offers a informative and practical guide for those who are searching.
From personal experience, property adverts that have been placed on the site have put us in contact with people both from Argentina and the rest of the world, increasing our number of enquiries and sales - this clearly shows the success of the site in the real estate arena.
Many thanks, and have a very good 2007.

Estudio Nesnech y Asoc - Juridico Inmobiliario
It's an Incredibly Useful Property Publishing Tool has allowed me to show my properties 24hs a day, establishing contacts with people outside the country and showing all the details of the apartments to the search engines on the Internet, which gives me a big advantage compared to other web sites.
I can truly say that is a very important tool in my work, through which I receive enquiries on a daily basis. For all of these reasons, I am highly recommending it.

Ignacio J. - Real Estate Agency in Caballito, City of Buenos Aires
I Can Honestly Say That I've Closed Various Deals

The site is completely ice breaking, before it I had never seen anything on the Real Estate market so simple and useful as this system. Honestly, I have received a large number of enquiries through this new system, and I can say that I have closed various Real Estate deals thanks to you.
I have also rented quite a number of short term rental apartments, which is my area of business, and I am very thankful that you have included me in your web.
Thank You

Sabrina F. - By The Way Travel, Short Term Rentals Bs. As.
Thankful - I Rented an Apartment in Quilmes, Zona Sur

I am very grateful to you for the services that you provide and myself for having found them. The first day I got 20 e-mails and I don't know how many phone calls, and I made 1/2 hour appointments so that the people could come see my property. On the third day, yesterday, we made our decision, chose our renter and in the afternoon we signed the contract. I am recommending to everyone I know, and I am going to keep doing so.
Thanks Again

Susana R. - Property Owner
Thankful - I Sold an Apartment in Recoleta, City of Buenos Aires

Hello, we were contacted by some Canadians that loved the city and wanted to buy our apartment. They are very nice people. For now they have reserved our property...

Lorena M. - Property Owner
Surprised by the Results and the Number of Enquiries

I wanted to save a search and published a property by mistake, and really, it was pretty funny.. Immediately I started to receive calls and e-mails which didn't even leave me time to answer all of them, not to mention all of the comments I got from persons of all kinds, and there I was trying to explain that it was all a mistake.
Thank you very much for you attention.

Hilda O. - Site User
Thankful For Your Services

In reality this is to congratulate you... I want to make clear that I did not sell my property through this site, but the amount of calls and messages that I've received is surprising, and I hope that it has as much echo and result also. I thank you and congratulate you for the results that you have achieved.
I am at your service for whatever you need.

Carlos A. U. - Site User
A Great Site for Publishing Properties

I've had a wonderful experience, and many people have contacted me through CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST OF LUCK!!!!!!!

Nelida C. - Property Owner
A Site That Workes

This is to thank you for the service that you offer. It has worked very well for me, and I have already managed to close a few deals - and all of you are very attentive. Affectionate greetings and best wishes.

Norma - Property Owner
I Have Received Many Enquiries through

I really appreciate all the publications, since through many people have contacted me. Thank you very much, and I am going to recommend your site to everyone i know.

Matias - Property Owner
Excellent in every way

I have received many enquiries and now I've deactivated the advert while I'm following up the Garantia of a new prospective tennant. Really I recommend highly, depending on how the current potential tenant works out I will republish my property with you. Many thanks.

Susana - Property Owner
Excellent site.

The site is very good and surprising, in 15 days I received many enquiries around 20 them have resulted in appointments for viewings which am I currently in the process of showing the property. With so much interest it gives ME the flexibility to choose the future tenant,

Many thanks.

4, March, 2008

Oscar N. - Property Owner
This site is very useful

Good day, I'm writing to thankyou for your site, its actually very useful and has proven to be a good way of avertising my property as well as to look for others as references. I admin that I publish in other free classified sites but the source of most calls and emails is from Whats more recently I had a problem with an advert (although it was my own misunderstanding) and the people who atended me by email and telephone were very polite and respectful and resolved the problem. I am very happy with the service.

Thank you very much.

5, March, 2008

Javier - Property Owner
I will recommend this site

Good day, I published my advert in your web page and the result has been unbeatable, I rented the property and there were many people who contacted me through the advert. Thank you very much and, of course, I have already recommended this site not only for advertising but also for looking for real estate. Once again thankyou, I would like to deactivate the property as I'm still receiving phone calls and emails from people asking about the property.

Thank you.

6, March, 2008

- Apartment in tigre received 39 enquiries.

Javier - Property Owner

I want to thank the page, it is very good as I have 100 e-mails with queries, you. are attentive and always willing to help in what they need.

Muchas gracias.

- Monday June 02 2008.

- She published a department in Monserrat.

Beatriz Pardo - User

Thank you and congratulate you because the site is excellent and potential customers are providing very good level.

Muchas gracias.

- Wensday June 02 2008.

- She published a department in Monserrat.

Kendall Real Estate - User

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