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At enbuenosaires.com, we offer you selected investment properties from clients throughout Argentina and neighboring countries. If you are looking for development plots, executive apartments, land, or period houses this is the place to look. Buying a house, apartment, or another kind of property to call home is one of the first reasons why people start to save money. Of course there are also other reasons why to invest in real estate property, some own it with the purpose of letting the property and charging rent, and there are those that buy cheap and sell for more than they bought it for by recycling the property, others buy real estate to use for their business. We understand that anyone wanting to invest a significant amount of money in a future project wants to have as much information as possible about the project and the area, including plenty of pictures and detailed descriptions. For this kind of investment opportunities that fall under the "home" category we have set up this part of enbuenosaires.com with properties that might have great potential for interested investors. If you are interested in any of these properties don´t hesitate to Contact us.
Duplex Apartment in Recoleta, City of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Development Plot in Retiro, City of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Lands in Belgrano, City of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Cattle, forest, and agricultural establishment, Laguna del Sauce, Uruguay
Real Estate, El Bolson
Country Club Near Piriapolis beach and Punta del Este, Uruguay
Mendoza Period House San Rafael, Investment Argentina
Development Plot, Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, Investment Argentina

Advice for Buying, Selling, Renting, and Letting in Buenos Aires

Buying a house is one of the greatest expenses in our lives, and it is very important to know as much information as possible, allowing us to be owners of a property that fits our need and possibilities in the best way possible. Before buying you should find the perfect house, but... how? Here we provide a guide with helpful information and resources.


enbuenosaires.com offers you a section where you can get accurate information and examples of many different types of contracts including Purchase and Sales Contracts and Renting contracts whether they are for apartments, houses or commerce.

This section is purely informative and must be taken as such. enbuenosaires.com will not accept any kind of claim that comes from the inappropriate use of this material.

+Sales Contracts for Apartments and Houses

+Rental Contracts for Apartments or Houses

+Business Sales Contracts


Here you can read about some of the things that make the City of Buenos Aires unique. We have mentioned the ones that we believe might be of interest to the tourist visiting the city for the first time, or to anyone looking for some info about these "curiosities" of Buenos Aires. This section will be updated, seeing as how Buenos Aires is constantly changing, has a lot of distinctive touches to it.
Boca / River - Football
Dog Walkers
Argentinean Meat


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